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Federal Taxpayer Money for Refugee and Immigrant Education

I began to research this subject when I ran across a nonprofit 990 from 2009 for the Kansas Association of Migrant Directors (EIN 48-1121948).  These directors were and still are instrumental in educating Kansas school districts on how to go about receiving federal grants and funds for migrant, refugee and immigrant children.  

Diversity Counts
Reams of paperwork are filled out and submitted yearly to account for all students that are defined under the various federal programs.  Ironically, trying to nail down figures is not as easy as it may seem.   Though I did find a section of information (seen in the reference section at the end of this post) regarding the education of various groups of students in Kansas – students from the middle eastern countries are not specified.  There are categories for Bhutanese, Burmese, Mexican, Somali, Sudanese, Vietnamese and even low German speaking Mexican Mennonite students.  Until I find out otherwise, I will assume the middle eastern students were placed in the “migrant students” category because we know they have a definite presence in Kansas.

MEP: Education of Migratory Children, Title I, Part C
Federal Laws (Title 34 Education, Code of Federal Regulations ) regarding the programs can be found at this link:

The federal Office of Migrant Education oversees the MEP (Migrant Education Program). This office is under the federal Department of Education.  Its CFDA (Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance) number is 84.011.  Note:  CFDA numbers can also be used to research federal grants.

Federal funds are allocated by formula to SEAs (State Education Agencies), based on each state’s per pupil expenditure for education and counts of eligible migratory children, age 3 through 21, residing within the state.


Kansas Department of Education
2014-2015 CPA State Funding Reports:

Notes to the Annual State Funding Report:
1.  All payments received with an 'Acct Code' in the 5000s or 7000s (i.e. 5110 or 7310) are pass-through payments and received by the entity as a sub-recipient.  All other payments are for services performed by the entity.
     2.  All documents with a prefix of 'F' and 'J' are internal adjusting entries to correct errors and omissions. 'V' documents are voucher payments and 'S' documents are receipt vouchers.
     3.  The Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance CFDA number should be provided on all payments from federal sources
     4.  This report provides accounting activity only from the Kansas State Department of Education and no other state or federal agency.
     For example, it does not include School-To-Work grants issued by the Department of Commerce and Housing or postsecondary aid payments distributed by the Kansas Board of Regents.
     5.  As a result of the state's financial condition, a portion of general state aid and supplemental general state aid payments due to local school districts in June 2015 were delayed until July 1, 2015.  Even though school districts did not receive these payments until July, according to K.S.A. 72-6417, they are to be recorded and accounted for by school districts in June.
     6.  Payments shown under Fund 7393-7000 are for general state aid.

To view a 2014-2015 CPA State Funding Report, simply click on the county where the Local Education Agency (LEA) is located. This will give you a list of Local Education Agencies in that county.

The figures below are for Wichita, KS
D0259     WICHITA

3537-3570 3570  Title I   Migrant CFDA 84.011
Fund               Date                Acct                Acct Program
V15F0302           09/08/2014       0005706111       7035010  A         42,283.00
V15F0571           10/06/2014       0005813844       7035010  A         35,211.00
F15F0571            10/07/2014        N/A                   703 5010  D        30,000.00
F15F0571            10/07/2014        N/A                   703 5010  D        30,000.00
V15F0846           11/03/2014        0005923483       7035010  A         18,107.00
V15F1129           12/08/2014        0006036691       7035010  A         21,720.00
V15F1422           01/05/2015        0006141659       7035010  A         19,767.00
V15F1679           02/09/2015        0006252731       7035010  A         23,083.00
V15F1949           03/09/2015        0006364797       7035010  A         15,163.00
V15F2218           04/06/2015        0006480938       7035010  A         10,563.00
V15F2486           05/11/2015        0006608711       7035010  A         29,552.00
V15F2763           06/08/2015        0006639267       7035010  A         29,551.00

  Total Account                $245,000.00 (received)                0.00

3522-3820 3820  English Language Acquisition-  Flo-thru CFDA 84.365
V15F0053           07/07/2014        0005444997       7035010  A      36,544.00
V15F0115           08/11/2014        0005601748       7035010  A        2,621.00
V15F0302           09/08/2014        0005706111       7035010  A      17,465.00
V15F0571           10/06/2014        0005813844       7035010  A    145,188.00
V15F0846           11/03/2014        0005923483       7035010  A      78,477.00
V15F1129           12/08/2014        0006036691       7035010  A    130,665.00
V15F1422           01/05/2015        0006141659       7035010  A      91,059.00
V15F1679           02/09/2015        0006252731       7035010  A      91,932.00
V15F1949           03/09/2015        0006364797       7035010  A      76,267.00
V15F2218           04/06/2015        0006480938       7035010  A      93,122.00
V15F2486           05/11/2015        0006608711       7035010  A      83,703.00
V15F2763           06/08/2015        0006639267       7035010  A    143,479.00
   Total Account               $990,522.00                                   0.00

LEA’s (Local Education Agencies) for Sedgwick County, KS 

One Example of a LEA:  See for monies received by Catholic Social Services of Wichita

State by State, County by County, City by City
Now we know how to find account numbers for monies given to Kansas schools.  These are our taxpayer dollars that are being used to educate refugees, immigrants and migrants.  I have learned a lot this morning and intend to learn more.  Stay tuned.

Each school and school district will have people that receive and account for these monies.  This is the grass roots and a good place to begin your activism - especially if you still have children in school.

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