Tuesday, January 26, 2016

From One Red ACORN

ACORN (The Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now)

Every American should read and know about ACORN.  The American Institute for Social Justice (AISJ) is one of four national affiliates of the community organization ACORN. The other three are the ACORN Housing Corporation, the ACORN Institute, and Project Vote.   ACORN and all its affiliates are heavily funded by the big foundations like Rockefeller, Tides, Open Society, William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, the Wallace Global Fund, the Annie E. Casey Foundation, the Arca Foundation, the JEHT Foundation, the Bauman Family Foundation, the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, the Sandler Family Supporting Foundation, the Carnegie Corporation of New York, the Ford Foundation et al.  They also receive federal taxpayer money.

The Red ACORN and Undue Influence

ACORN grew from its grassroots to define and shape the political nature of this country.  It was an instrumental power behind the Clinton and Obama machines and numerous others on a local and state level.  ACORN’s numerous operatives have deep roots in America.

To learn more – search for ACORN and Hillary Clinton; ACORN and Obama, ACORN and Saul Alinskey, ACORN and Rathke, ACORN and Van Jones, ACORN and John Podesta, ACORN and Steve Kest for starters. 

Though ACORN was declared officially "defunct" - that is in name only.  Its networks, infrastructure and methodology are still in place and quite active.

A Little History and Suggested Reading

Acorn North Carolina.  I have added this website because it is a perfect example of the type of ACORN affiliates and networks that are still active in our nation.

The Obama File  ACORN and the making of a president.

A list from 2012 of “Acorn” affiliates” and offshoots

KANSAS: Sunflower Community Action
Their motto: “Helping people help themselves”

And believe me, they help themselves to money, jobs, housing and education that most Americans must work hard for.  The VOLAGS and other pro immigrant groups stress how much money that the "new American" labor force adds to the economy.  What they fail to factor into the equation is how much money is spent on services, housing, food, etc for immigrants that are not professionals or business owners.  The inexpensive labor may help certain sectors of the economy but they also take from others.

Maria Arteaga is the Kansas organizer and firmly backed by the Catholic Social Service of the Dodge City diocese.  The Sunflower network also has offices in Wichita.  Their work focuses on refugees and immigrants and they work for their rights.   Fine, then let us be diligent and work for our rights as well!   There are plenty of native poor white Americans who need a hand up, rather than a hand out that will keep them enslaved to taxpayer funded social welfare programs.  (I am all for federally funded work programs.  Let those that receive federally funded money and benefits work for them.  Let them give back to the country and the communities they now live in.)

The Sunflower Community Action org (EIN 48-1126805) includes ties to KanVote and Kansans Count.  These are more votes for democratic socialism!  The 501c4 Lobbying arm of the SCA is the Kansas People’s Action group. (EIN 46-0640082).  Both are located at 1751 N. Ash in Wichita.   Sandrine Lisk, the immigration advocacy attorney is on their board.  Thousands of dollars from both groups are spent on lobbying efforts.

They partner with Interfaith Worker Justice.  I am Kansas – an affiliate of Welcoming Kansas – is their fundraising group.  These are supported by and receive funds from the USCCB (Catholic Bishops Conference).  The PICO National Network is often called in to help and they are funded by Catholic parishes nationwide.  The Community Creating Opportunity (CCO) nonprofit is a member of the PICO network.

Such groups organize and work together in ACORN fashion and are encouraged to do so by the current administration.

CCO Member Congregations and Organizations.  (CCO Board members are also members of the churches.)

True Vine Missionary Baptist, MO
Olivet Institutional Baptist, KS
St. Peter Christian Methodist Episcopal, KS
Grace Lutheran, MO
Zion United Church of Christ, KS
Gregg Tabernacle African Methodist Episcopal, MO
Kansas City Urban Youth Center, MO
Kairos United Methodist, MO
Inter-Soccer League, MO
Show Me Empowered Women, MO

Keep writing letters to newspapers and sharing information.  The principles of Islam are counter to Christianity.  Europe is paying a terrible price for their lack of discernment regarding Muslims.