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OIA Lawsuit for Terrorist “Hands Off” List Shows Almost 1,000 Individuals Removed from Terror Watch. You can download the 183 page document at this site. Make no mistake, terrorists and criminals are protected by our system - not we, the people.

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March 2016 Illegal alien went on killing spree in KS and MO
See Letter as testimony in support of HR4731
Refugee Program Integrity Restoration Act of 2016

Statements from family members of victims of illegal alien criminals. The videos in the below playlist are from a Senate hearing on criminal aliens on July 21, 2015.

October 2014 Police in southwest Kansas have arrested a packing plant employee for the death of a co-worker after a fight last week. Emergency crews found 25-year-old Abdukadir Mohamed Dahir unconscious Friday morning at the National Beef plant in Liberal. Dahir died Saturday at a Wichita hospital of what a preliminary autopsy showed was blunt force injury to his head.

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2013 Eastern KS restaurant manager indicted for harboring illegal aliens

The following procedure is to be used each time state and local LE attempt to arrest an immigrant or refugee.  The federal laws protect them -- not you. 

ICE Immigration Alien query instructions

ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement, formerly INS – Immigration and Naturalization Service) has provided a formatted screen, since October of 1998 and available in Datamaxx and PS Portals, called the Immigration Alien Query or IAQ. From the Law Enforcement Support Center (LESC) in Williston, Vermont, ICE will be responding to inquiries from more than 17,000 federal, state and criminal justice agencies concerning aliens charged with aggravated felonies. Any individual is subject to removal from the United States for the conviction of an aggravated felony when:
1. The individual is an alien.
2. The individual is convicted of an aggravated felony and
3. The crime is defined as a state or federal felony

The ICE defines aggravated felonies as crimes involving murder, rape, narcotics trafficking, child pornography, firearms trafficking, non-political crimes of violence where sentences of 1 year or more were imposed or a number of other felonies, such as burglary and theft. It is not necessary for the alien to have been previously convicted of an aggravated felony to make inquiries of the LESC system.

The Law Enforcement Support Center will accept inquiries on aliens who are charged with or are under investigation for an aggravated felony. They will also provide ICE status information on aliens who are under arrest or investigation and aliens suspected of criminal activity. ICE field offices will be notified automatically when law enforcement agencies have arrested a suspected foreign national for the commission of an aggravated felony. They will also maintain a database of all law enforcement inquiries and the LESC responses. ICE is looking for, and has indicated they will act upon:

1. Aggravated felons.
2. Any criminal record if conviction would make the individual removable.
3. Any subjects that have been previously deported.
4. Subjects with outstanding deportable warrants (most are not in NCIC).

When you run an IAQ, the Law Enforcement Support Center in Vermont will check the individuals through NCIC, III and state files. The LESC will also check through eight ICE databases for any relevant information. If current felony information is found, an employee from LESC will call you immediately. In the formatted screen inquiry, ICE wants the Attention Field to be filled with the officer’s name and the phone number where the LESC can call the requesting officer. If the officer does not have a cell phone and is out on the highway with the subject he is checking, then you will have to use the dispatch number and relay the messages back and forth. ICE does not want agencies to make inquiries for any other agency.

LESC MESSAGE ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: Because all of the databases are not linked and a person at a computer has to check all 8 databases and then compile the information, response times may be as long as 20 minutes. However, the Law Enforcement Support Center will provide an automated acknowledgement notifying the inquiring agency that his or her inquiry has been received and is being processed. It will read: “Your request has been received by the INS Law Enforcement Support Center. We will process your inquiry and return a response upon completion of the INS database search end.”

This is known as a “PMA”, or “Positive Message Acknowledgement”. ICE has requested when a vehicle containing multiple suspected aliens is stopped by an officer, you run only the driver and front seat passenger, as they are usually the individuals involved in the smuggling of aliens. If you attempt to run twenty individuals at 20 minutes apiece, you will have a total of 400 minutes waiting time on the highway or 6 hours and 40 minutes. As you can see, running a large group of aliens can keep an officer tied up for an entire shift.

MANDATORY FIELDS. All queries sent to the LESC must contain at least the mandatory information. Any optional information supplied in the query will increase the probability of finding a positive record and enable a more informative response to be given.

IAQ -Message type.
Sender ORI -This is your ORI Destination ORI – Must be AX , followed by a period.
TXT –Normal
TXT PUR/ Purpose Code field. Must be C.
ATN/ Attention Field. Must be name of individual making the inquiry. (Officers name)
PHN/ Phone Number. The area code and telephone number o f the person requesting the inquiry. (Officers number if he has a cell phone, otherwise dispatch)
NAM/ Name of subject you are running the inquiry on. (last, first, middle)
DOB/ Date of birth (yyyymmdd format).
SEX/ Sex field (male or female)
POB/ Place of birth using standard NCIC code.
CUS/ Indicates if subject is in custody, yes or no.

• Use “Y” if officer is on a traffic stop (or is in sight of subject)
• Use “N” if officer is not with subject (not in sight)

OFF/ Offense Code, NCIC offense code, enter the most serious charge in this field.

If no charges, use 0303 for alien smuggling (i.e.; officer has a van load of illegals) and use 0399 (Immigration See MIS) for all others.

OPTIONAL FIELDS: Completing optional fields increases the probability of finding a match within the INS databases. There is no requirement to use all of the optional fields in order to obtain an appropriate response. Remember when using the remarks field, do not use periods to end sentences, as a period will end the field and cut off any remaining narrative.

ARN/ Alien Registration Number, This is important, as it is a key ICE field identifier.

It will always begin with an “A”. If the subjects have cards that the officer believes to be false or do not have an “A” in front of the number, place this information in the miscellaneous field.

FBI/ FBI number, you will need to run a Triple I to get this number.
SID/ State ID number, also from a Triple I.
OLN/ Drivers license number
HGT/ Height
WGT/ Weight
EYE/ Eye color
MMN/ Mothers Maiden Name
MFN/ Mothers First Name
FLN/ Fathers Last Name FFN/
Fathers First Name MNU/
Miscellaneous number SOC/ Social Security number
PPN/ Passport number
BKN/ Booking number
REM/ to include any relevant information, up to 300 characters.
If you have any other document numbers located on the person, put this information in this field.

LESC RESPONSE: The first part of each response will include the actual inquiry that was sent. This will enable the inquirer to match up their inquiry with its response. When the information is assembled and returned to t he inquirer it may be in segments. The final segment will conclude with “EN D” so you will know that they are finished transmitting and no further information will be sent. The user should recognize that the responses are basically free text and can include a variety of information on aliens. If you have difficulty deciphering your response, an NLETS Administrative Message (AM) may be sent to destination ORI “AX” requesting clarification.

When to run an “IAQ”: Any time you have a foreign born individual